Bully Dinosaur Cheats at School Camp


At school, we had a message inviting us to school camp with our parent’s permission.  Everybody was excited about this camp.  They had games, activities and surprises for the winners.  All the moms said yes, even Bully Dinosaur’s mom.  She wanted peace and quiet and no trouble for a while.  Everybody was upset about Bully Dinosaur going to camp. 


When they went to camp, they played soccer.  The teachers didn’t notice that Bully Dinosaur cheated.  He cheated at soccer; he pushed the team players until he made ten points while the others only made one. 


He won a big chocolate dinosaur egg as a reward while the others got shiny gray ribbons for trying so hard.  Bully Dinosaur just stared at them.  He was upset that he didn’t get a ribbon too.  He threw his chocolate egg up in the air and it landed on the teacher who was walking in the forest nearby.


The teacher was so mad that she went to the soccer field and said: “Who threw this chocolate dinosaur egg at me?”


Bully Dinosaur said: “He did!” while pointing at another dinosaur.  The teacher kicked him out of the camp.  The poor dinosaur went home with his ribbon, but feeling very sad.


When the teacher left, Bully Dinosaur went: “Ha! Ha! Ha!” at him.  The others dinosaurs knew they should do something to get back at him. 


One of the dinosaurs whispered to the others: “Come to the old hundred year old tree tonight when Bully Dinosaur is sleeping.  I know a trick we can play on Bully Dinosaur.”    All the other dinosaurs whispered back: “What is it? What is it?”                                                


“You’ll see tonight when it’s dark. Don’t forget to come.  We’ll have a dinosaur secret meeting to make a plan.”


At night time, they got together to discuss their plan, but Bully Dinosaur was hiding behind a tree and was listening to everything.  No one knew he was hiding. He heard everything.  He was still listening when a dinosaur yelled: “Silence! We must be quiet because the bully might hear us. Here’s the plan.”


“Here’s a map of the dinosaur school camp.  You see an X right there.  Tomorrow, we’ll have a contest with Bully Dinosaur to try to find the X on the ground.”  Everybody asked: “What is hiding under the X?” 


He said: “I’m not telling you, it’s a secret, but I’ll tell you the other secret.  It’s a clue about the treasure.  You take fire and light it up.  And that’s the clue, so now we can go to bed in our camps.”


He left the map by the one hundred year old tree and went to bed.


Bully Dinosaur took the map and grabbed a shovel and searched for the treasure for the whole night, even if he was tired.  He finally found the treasure, dug it up, but he didn’t notice that he was throwing the dirt on a beehive with his shovel.  When he got the treasure out, the bees came after him, so he dropped it.  He ran into the lake. No bees stung him because he stayed in the water.  The bees kept swirling around his head.  When he yelled: “Help! Help!”, the others heard him and laughed at him. 


Then, they picked up the treasure while the bees were still swirling around Bully Dinosaur’s head.  When they opened it, it was fireworks, a big box full.  That night, they had the best fireworks that Dinosaur town had ever seen, because when you lit it up, it exploded and made a big humongous colorful bird in the sky that said “Ka Ka!”  It exploded and a real bird came flying out of the smoke.  They all left for the night and Bully Dinosaur stayed in the river with the bees still swirling around all day and night.


Clipart from clipartheaven.com

The morale of this story is that you get taught a lesson when you cheat and lie.

The End (April 27th 2007)