Dancing Dinosaurs were walking to the dancing concert. One was called Little Dinosaur, the second one was Medium Dinosaur and the tallest one was called Big Dinosaur. 



Tonight, they were on their way to the concert out by the bridge.  The three dinosaurs were crossing the bridge to get to the other side.


A mean and bully dinosaur was hiding under the bridge.  He wanted to steal their tickets.  First, Big Dinosaur crossed the bridge.  The mean dinosaur jumped on the bridge and said: “Stop!  I want to steal your ticket.”


“Oh no!  You don’t want this ticket!  This ticket is for a seat all the way to the back.”

“All right” said Bully Dinosaur, “You can get across.”  He jumped back under the bridge.

It was Medium Dinosaur’s turn to cross the bridge.  Bully Dinosaur heard the steps and jumped back on the bridge.  “Stop!  I want to steal your ticket.”


Medium Dinosaur said: “Oh no!  You don’t want this ticket.  My seat is all the way to the back on the top seat. It’s the tallest seat of all.  Would you get scared if you had to go way up there?”


Bully Dinosaur said: “Oups!  Maybe that’s the wrong ticket for me.  You can get across.”

It was Little Dinosaur’s turn to cross.  So, he crossed.  Bully Dinosaur heard: Creak!  Crack!  Creak!  Crack!


The bully dinosaur jumped up onto the bridge.  He said: “Stop!  I want to steal your ticket.” 


The little dinosaur said: “No never!”  Bully Dinosaur said: “I’m going to steal your ticket.”  He started to walk closer and closer to Little Dinosaur.  Little Dinosaur took a big deep breath and a big “Wrrrrrrrrr!” came out of his mouth. Bully Dinosaur fell down and splashed into the water under the bridge.  


He said: “Geez!  I didn't know that little dinosaurs could not roar that loudly”. 

So little Dinosaur got across.  When they all arrived at the concert, they were lots of food and games, and lots of music.  Dancing Dinosaurs danced all day and all night at the concert.            

The end (September 2006)