A long time ago, Dinosaurs didn’t want to laugh even if they knew how.  There was only one of the dinosaurs that once laughed.   Nobody knew his name because he couldn’t talk; he could only laugh. 


One day, a dinosaur had a magic music instrument; it looked like a box and it made music when you turned the handle.  He gave it to the laughing dinosaur and told him: “Play this song to all the other dinosaurs and they will laugh.”  So he taught him the song of storms.  The music had a fast beat to it, and it made you feel like you were at the carnival on a really fast merry-go-round.   It made you feel like you were twirling; like you were caught in a spiral and then, the thunder commanded you to laugh. 


The laughing dinosaur met Bully dinosaur.  He looked angry as usual.  So Bully dinosaur turned to him and grumbled: “What’s that thing?”


But the laughing dinosaur couldn’t say anything because he was mute.  He just turned the crank on his instrument the best he could, but he didn’t do it right.  He made a mistake.  Bully dinosaur shrank and turned into a talking pink flower.  The laughing dinosaur wanted to say he was sorry, but he couldn’t talk.



Bully dinosaur said, in a very small voice: “Put me back like I was, or else I will hurt you!”  Bully dinosaur forgot that he couldn’t do much when he was that small.  He tried to punch the laughing dinosaur’s leg but he couldn’t really punch as hard as before.  The mute dinosaur didn’t really feel sorry for Bully dinosaur anymore, so he walked away to find other dinosaurs.


When he found them all, he waved at them to follow him.  Once they all came, he played the song of storms, and he got it right this time.  All of the sudden, a light appeared around each dinosaur and it spun around them.   Little by little, the laughing dinosaur could hear little giggles and laughs, until all of them were laughing louder than the laughing dinosaur.  Lightning and thunder came and left very suddenly.


A dinosaur asked the laughing dinosaur what he had done to them.  He opened his mouth and words came out!  He could talk!  He told them the story about the magic instrument and how he shrunk Bully dinosaur into a small pink flower.  Everybody laughed.


So the laughing dinosaur with no name became Laughing Dinosaur after that day.


The end   July 2007